It is know that cancer cells feed on sugar and it may seems strange but combination of baking soda and maple syrup or honey is very beneficial because in this case the sugar reacts different.

The baking soda will neutralize the cancer cells and they won’t be able to use sugar for their growth. Cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose then the healthy cells. That is why the maple syrup and honey are beneficial. The goes contrary to cancer cells. When this mixture is consumed the syrup and baking soda will be able to enter and neutralize the cancer cells.

This mixture is very simple to be made.


  • Maple syrup or honey
  • Baking soda


Mix three parts of honey or maple syrup and one part of baking soda. Mix the combination well until it becomes homogeneous. After that, cook it on low fire for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes this mixture is ready to be used.

How to consume it?

You will need to consume 3 teaspoons of this mixture per day in duration of one month. During this treatment you should avoid consuming white flour, any kind of meat and sugars.

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