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Do You Know Which Egg Yolk Comes From A Heathy Chicken? I Had No Idea!

A lot of people think that the healthiest egg is the one whose yolk has a bright yellowish color. The darker the color of the yolk, the more do people tend to think that the ... Read More

Finally Revealed: Here’s What Happens If You Eat Peanuts Every Day!

Peanuts contain a number of ingredients, for example, fats, vitamins, fibers, agents for prevention of cancer which enhance the immune system of the organism. Only two or three of peanuts daily can reduce the risk ... Read More

Benefits Of Eating Tamarind

Tamarind (Tamarindus Indica) is an amazing exotic fruit and its name comes from the Persian “tamar-i-hing,” which means “date of India.” This fruit has shown to provide a wide range of health benefits. Studies have ... Read More

The Best 30 Alkaline Foods For Curing Cancer, Heart Issues And More

You must always keep the body alkaline to have less risks of illnesses. You are what you eat, so eat healthy and organic. Everything we eat impacts the pH we have, some foods are acidic ... Read More

8 Reasons Why We Should Eat Pineapple Daily … Number 2 Is Most Important

Pineapple is one of the best tropical fruits that provides many benets to our body. In this article, we will give you reasons why we should eat pineapple every day. Reasons why we should eat ... Read More

After Seeing This Method For Cooking Chicken, I’ll Never Cook It Any Other Way Again. So Good

You might be familiar with Hasselback potatoes, and many of you have probably already tried them. The original recipe contains sliced potatoes, but not all the way through, and the spaces between the cuts are ... Read More

20 Metabolism Boosting Foods That Burn Fat Away

When attempting to reduce weight, we tend to fixate on the foods we aren’t supposed to consume. We drool over cheesecake at the coffeehouse, eyeball our partners’ pizza and dream about cheese, wonderful cheese. Rather, ... Read More

How To Make A Giant Cancer Busting Salad

After being identified with cancer (phase 3), a boy decided not to opt for the traditional chemotherapy, and started thinking that nature has something much better for him. His determination presumed that he began altering ... Read More

The Absolute Hit: Flourless Bread – You Must Try It (Recipe)

If you are among the countless number of people who cannot imagine a meal without a slice of bread, this article is for you. Bread is probably the most popular food on earth. However, besides ... Read More

Natural Viagra: Men, If You Want A Fantastic Erection, Eat These Foods

Bananas are rich in vitamin B which is why they can give a longer lasting and more enjoyable time in bed, making you more energized and stress-free. Certain types of foods can significantly improve sexual ... Read More