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58 Alkaline Foods To Balance The Body’s Ph Levels

Proper pH balance is crucial for overall health. Sometimes, with the foods and beverages we consume, in addition to the toxins in our environment, our body’s pH level becomes off. To restore your pH and ... Read More

8 Foods That Will Help You Look 10 Years Younger

Here are eight anti-aging foods that can help keep your skin looking young and beautiful! 1. Berries Whether you prefer strawberries, blackberries, blueberries or a handful of all three, snacking on these delicious fruits are great for your skin! Berries contain antioxidants that prevent or delay some ... Read More

You Need To Eat This If You Have Hair Loss, Brittle Nails Or You’Re Not Sleeping Well

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Most People Don’t Know What You’re Supposed To Do With Each Type Of Onion. Do You?

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Soak Almonds In Water In The Evening And Eat Them In The Morning! The Results Will Delight You

Almonds are considered to be the most nutritious of all nut varieties and an important part of every balanced diet. It is a native to the Middle Eastern, South Asian and North African continents. Basically, ... Read More

After Reading This, You Will Surely Eat Kamias Every Day!

Kamias or bilimbi is possibly one of the most underestimated fruits in the world. It’s closely linked to the balimbing or star fruit, but unlike this fruit, kamias has a sour flavor used in many ... Read More

Mix Sea Salt with These 2 Oils For A Homemade Topical Painkiller

When muscle pain strikes, the first thing most people reach for is the ibuprofen. While nonprescription painkillers are a huge industry, and a common household cure, they aren’t exactly free of side effects. Ibuprofen is ... Read More

15 Foods To Do And Don’t Eat On An Empty Stomach

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Crispy French Fries Without A Drop Of Grease. And So Easy To Prepare!

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How To Use Watermelon As a Medicine

Watermelon is probably the best fruit for the hot summer days, but did you know that it offers numerous health benefits as well? Yes, watermelon has many health benefits due to the presence of L-citruline, ... Read More