Can Modafinil Help You In Weight Loss?

Modafinil is a popular smart drug used by the majority of people worldwide. It is basically used to increase wakefulness and alertness and decrease levels of fatigue and anxiety. Did you ever think of losing weight with this medicine?

Yes, it is true. For certain people, this drug has proved itself best in reducing weight.

modafinil & weight loss

Modafinil for Weight Loss

With the holiday season or a general one, people put on an ample of weight and to get rid of that excess weight, they try different food supplements, medicines, exercising and jogging etc. Physical workout is good, but what about the tension your constantly increasing weight brings into your mind?

It may not go that terrible. Modafinil can help you in this regard. Let’s find how.

Modafinil drug acts as a stimulant that increases the level of dopamine. Many of the users have experienced that this drug helps in losing weight without putting some additional efforts.

When the dopamine levels increase in your body, they stimulate your brain’s reward centers, significantly reducing or eliminating the feeling of hunger for longer time periods. It is one of the best Modafinil benefits that you can experience.

Hence, Modafinil is essentially minimizing or suppressing your quest of feeling hungry without remembering that you have not eaten from long and you still feel happy and healthy. Here, it acts like amphetamine in some sense.

How it helps in losing weight?

Here I am giving you some specific reasons to clarify that this drug is helpful in losing weight up to some extent, though the effect levels of this drug will differ from person to person.

  • The chemical reaction in the body due to modafinil becomes the major reason behind appetite loss.
  • The drug leads to bringing more precise and clearer thinking that results in better motivation.
  • Modafinil promotes increased physical activities and energy levels. This way, you work more and lose more weight.
  • The drug causes nausea and thus, your appetite reduces.
  • Modafinil increases your metabolism. Hence, digestion becomes quicker leading to a fast-breaking down of your food and nutrients inside your stomach. Thus, it results in weight loss.

Modafinil – Really, a weight-loss medicine?

Modafinil is probably not a weight loss medicine, but the type of elements included in this drug makes you feel more energetic all through the day without making you feel hungry. Hence you feel like losing weight.

Here, the time duration when you are on the drug and the amount of dose your doctor prescribes play a major role to decide upon whether you will be going to lose weight or not.

If you are prescribed to use Modafinil, it may help you in losing weight as you feel nauseous, but not much.

However, your genetics and lifestyle i.e. in the way you live or eat are two essential factors play a significant role in determining whether you will possibly lose some weight or not.

If you have a healthy body, then no side effect as well could trouble you with your health problems.


It may sound a bit strange that modafinil can help in reducing weight, but yes, it is true as well due to the elements included in the medicine and the effects it produces on the human body. Somehow, this drug is popularizing itself to make human life better.