Going the Extra Inch – Penis Enlargement Treatment

Penis Enlargement, extra inch

Regardless of how well blessed we may be in the undercarriage department, most if not all of us have wondered what it would be like to be a little bit bigger down there, though very few of us, even those with smaller than average penises have ever really thought of actually doing anything about it. Those who do, tend to think that any penis enlargement would be likely to give them a little extra length, though possibly, they should be paying a little more attention to their girth also. Research has shown that to provide greater sexual pleasure for your partner, being a bit fatter is better than being a bit longer, though there is no reason of course why you shouldn’t go for both.

It is a Very Simple Procedure

Many people who even think of the concept of having a larger penis are put off by the thought of surgery on such a precious part of the body, and have visions of their penis being in bandages afterward. The truth of the matter is that it can be an extremely simple and swift procedure which should be completed in around an hour and involves absolutely no scalpels or involve cutting of anything. In fact, it is so minimally invasive, that even a local anesthetic isn’t required. The process involves a dermal filler being injected into the head and shaft of the penis, using an extremely fine needle, giving little or no pain or discomfort.

The Standard Results

If you’re asking yourself, “should you bear Penis enlargement?”, the big questions are going to be what can you expect to see in way of results, from undergoing such a procedure and how long is it going to last? Obviously every individual will see slightly different improvements, which on average can provide about a 20% increase in circumference, with a very natural look. The dermal filler, being a natural body fat, will gradually begin to break down and be reabsorbed into the body, a process where only 30% or less will still remain in place after a year or so, meaning the second round of treatment is likely to be needed to keep that extra growth where you want it. One potential problem which can occur in rare cases is of globules of fat occurring, which can cause the outside to appear knobbly and is known as cobble stone penis, which would require surgery.

Always do your Research

As with any surgical or medical procedure, it is important to thoroughly research the subject, before doing anything hasty. There are more complicated surgical procedures available, but it is important that you fully understand the potential benefits and dangers that can be associated with the proceeding. Every person is an individual case and it is possible that given such individual circumstances, some treatments are far more likely of success than others, so choosing the right method, should be approached with care.

As with anything, an Internet search can provide you with details of clinics in your area who provide a penile enlargement, who will be happy to answer all of your questions, and assist you in choosing the best option for you.