The Benefits and Growing Trend of Vaping

smoker smoke with vaping

We all understand by now the many dangers of traditional tobacco products, such as cigarettes. The many carcinogenic and addictive chemicals in tobacco can cause a wide variety of debilitating health problems, including emphysema, lung cancer, heart disease, and other cancers. The good news for anyone who is addicted to tobacco products is that vaping offers a great new alternative, and a possible way to quit the smokes for good!

Why Is Vaping Beneficial?

Electronic cigarettes, or vapes, have exploded in popularity in recent years. In fact, vaping culture has grown so dramatically that even the big traditional tobacco companies are marketing many of their own electronic cigarettes.

So, if you are a tobacco smoker, what are the benefits of vaping? Consider the following:

  • Smell: The foul smell of old cigarettes seems to get into everything, including clothing and furniture. It is a stench that is tough to shift, even with the best cleaning products. By contrast, the vapor from electronic cigarettes is water-based and dissipates quickly. It does not seep into clothing or furniture and does not need to be aired out. There is also a huge variety of e-liquid flavors, including strawberry, peach, and a range of traditional smoker’s flavors. If you prefer the smell of apple pie dessert to tobacco smoke, electronic cigarettes are definitely for you.
  • Health: We understand how dangerous traditional tobacco products are now. They contain a myriad of addictive and carcinogenic chemicals that affect our health long term and place pressure on our hospitals and health services. The e-liquid used in electronic cigarettes has a distilled water base with additional flavor and propylene glycol. This very simple concoction is vaporized at high temperatures and then dissipates in the air. Early testing has already concluded that the vapor is far less damaging to our lungs since it has very few additives and it is water-based.
  • Cost: Finally, taking up vaping is just so much more cost-effective! The price of cigarettes is sky high now, thanks to taxes by successive governments. When you vape, all you need to do is invest a little money into a starter kit, such as Smok Alien, and you already have everything that you need. From this point, there is only a small investment in new e-liquids and the electricity it requires to recharge the onboard lithium batteries. That’s it!

Quitting the Smokes Forever

It can be tough to quit smoking traditional tobacco products because of their chemically addictive qualities. The good news for anyone in this unfortunate situation is that a steady transition to electronic cigarettes and vaping can help break the habit for good. Many smokers even add a little nicotine to their electronic cigarette reservoirs so that they can wean themselves off the smokes more easily and with less side effects.

Whatever one may think of vaping culture, it has provided many smokers with a viable way of quitting tobacco products for life. Electronic cigarettes are more cost-effective, healthier, and more socially acceptable.